Following more than 25 years of her successful practice, JUDr. Erika Csekes, managing partner and co-founder of Ružička Csekes s. r. o. law firm, has decided to retire. Due to this decision, Dr. Csekes ceases to be a partner of Ružička Csekes. As a result, the office’s business name is changing and, as of 28 November 2018, it shall continue operating under the name RUŽIČKA AND PARTNERS s. r. o.

„My choice did not come lightly, but after many years of intensive engagement in the legal business I needed to take a fresh turn in a different direction. In any case, I am convinced that the office I have built together with my colleagues throughout the years has reached such a level of professionalism and stability that my exit will not have a negative impact on its further functioning.“, JUDr. Erika Csekes explains.

JUDr. Jaroslav Ružička, PhD, the office’s managing partner adds: „This is not an entirely usual situation, but it is moments like these that life brings. Erika Csekes‘ decision has been received with understanding among the offices partners. We will surely miss her professionalism and well-informed views fostered by years of practice, but we also sincerely understand her reasons. We look into the future with an open mind. Being one of the largest, oldest and most awarded law firms in Slovakia, we have sufficient professional capacity to be able to cope with this change and continue providing top-class legal services on a steady high level without the slightest hesitation. We are very grateful to Erika Csekes for all she has done for the office and its prosperity, and we wish her plenty of luck and success on her onward journey.”

Ružička Csekes s. r. o. was formed in June 2009 by the merger of two independently existing law firms: Ružička & Partners, s.r.o. and CVD s.r.o., operating on the Slovak legal services market since 1992. In its market activity, it has built upon the substantial practical experience of its predecessors which acted as strong, dependable and bold subjects during their existence.

The firm has evolved into one of the largest law firms in Slovakia, offering universal, as well as specialised, legal advice in all fields of commercial and business practice, having the potential to manage even the largest projects and transactions.

Between the years 2013 and 2018, the office’s teamwork has culminated in six consecutive awards of the prestigious Law Firm of the Year prize in the National Law Firm category.