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Identify, Measure and Manage Intangible Assets

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Bratislava, Slovakia September 12, 2018: DEL RIO Consulting, s.r.o. helps small medium sized enterprises to untangle themselves from the long and at times complex hiring process and the execution of their digital transformation programs.

We help our clientele to identify, measure and manage their hidden and intangible assets, which have been proven to be a great source of profitability in the intellectual economic. We do this by using predictive analytics to make data-driven hiring decision and succession that match the role a company is seeking to fill and the talent required. Based on the request from our clientele, be it to help screen candidate in the selection process, leadership and/or personal development plan, our clientele is in full control through dialogue and customization of the development phase.

DEL RIO Consulting does not use one fit all approach, the contrary, its development programs are customized to meet its clients unique learning pattern style that increases the potential of gaining new knowledge, skills and the replacement of negative behavior patterns for new ones.

By assisting its clientele though their digital transformation programs, DEL RIO Consulting uses its expertise in human behavior and its data-driven diagnostic tools to re-train the workforce that are affected by the automation and skills augmented by machines. By 2022, the World Economic Forum predicts the declining of 75 million jobs and the emerging of 113 million new jobs.

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Those who reach success, anticipate the competition next move and take calculated risks. 

  • Great working along with Alexis (DEL RIO Consulting), his ability to engage his audience, connect deeply with ideas and feelings, all together give an excellent experience of true leadership. An honor having you as our mentor and speaker. ” Fernando Arrucha – Director Latinomics Leadership Forum
  • I have had the opportunity to take a couple of workshops and personalized advice from DEL RIO Consulting and I am surprised at how much they manage to open my mind. Now I am in better position to maximize my opportunities and can focus my strengths toward the improvement of my professional life. 100% recommended.” David O. Olivas de la O – Manager Director at SESI UACJ
  • My experience working with Alexis (DEL RIO Consulting) was outstanding. Consultancy like this is a must for everyone who wants to raise his level of self-awareness and gain an edge. Great insights for being more effective and staying motivated.” Peter Sedmak – Wealth Effect Management, Wealth Manager

DEL RIO Consulting headquarter is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and currently planning to open a branch office in Medellin, Colombia. DEL RIO Consulting’s founder and CEO, gained his broad leadership experience working for the United Nations, the Information and Communication Technology and financial service industries. Alexis is a keynotes speaker and mentor for Latinomics and the Global School for Social leaders. DEL RIO

Consulting is in discussion for potential collaboration with one of the leading European company in internationalization of workforces.

Unfortunately, the education industry makes us believe that you only can call leaders those who have a fervent number of followers or have fancy titles managing people. I believe that a leader is anyone who is able to persuade someone to better him or herself, his/her persuasion could be upward, downward and sideward management. Leadership is not exclusive to politicians, corporate leaders or famous personalities.” Alexis Del Rio

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Alexis Del Rio

DEL RIO Consulting, s.r.o.

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85107 Bratislava, Slovakia

Mobile: +421 (0) 9072 07601

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