KPMG in cooperation with the civic association DigiQ created a series of open training sessions online that they provide free of charge. (This programme is in Slovak language)

The first of a series of four lectures will be dedicated to social networks.

Given the moment when our children spend even more time on the Internet than under normal circumstances, the Cyber4Kids programme has been transferred from school desks to our homes in the form of “live” 45-minute interactive lessons that you can attend with your children. The program is designed for children from 9 to 14 years.

The content of the first webinar:

Cyber4Kids Part1

• How social networks work and what they are used for.

• The hidden dangers of social networks.

• Social networking rules.

• How to protect your privacy on social networks.

• What is HOAX – not everything we see on the Internet is true.

3 more topics are planned in the future: Why you should have a strong password?; Sometimes it is good to lie – what is personal data ?; “Hackers and their hacks.”

The training course will take place online through MS Teams from 16:00 to 16:45. Please, register as soon as possible, course is limited to 35 participants.

If the course is full and you are interested in participating, KPMG will arrange another date. Please contact Sylvia Klobucnikova at

If you do not have installed the MS Teams, you can still take part in the course. You will have a video call using your browser.

Use the application form bellow to register by April 3 and you will receive an invitation to the calendar with an online training link in the morning on April 3.