The Slovak government has imposed restrictions on public life to counter the spread of COVID-19.

There are nationwide restrictions on movement outside the home. A nationwide curfew with stricter lockdown measures is in place for a 20 hour period each day from 5am to 1am the following day between 1 January and 24 January. Exemptions to the curfew include:

  • Going to a food shop or chemist.
  • Accessing essential services such as banking, petrol stations and post offices.
  • Going to work, but your employer must provide you with a letter explaining that your work cannot be done from home. You should carry the letter with you in case the authorities ask to see it.
  • Taking a child to school or to another parent or guardian.
  • For medical appointments including C19 testing, care of relatives and of pets
  • Journeys in order to travel abroad, or to return home from foreign travel
  • Attending the funeral, marriage or christening of a close relative.
  • Walking a dog or cat within a distance of 1000 metres.
  • Visiting the countryside or doing individual sport but only within your district (in the case of Bratislava and Kosice, within the city boundary).
  • Visits to and meetings with other households are no longer allowed. People do not need to leave their current two-household bubble immediately, but after leaving it no new bubbles are allowed.
  • Ski resorts are closed.
  • Hotel guests may remain in their hotel until 10 January, but no new bookings are permitted.

Full details of the curfew and its exemptions (in Slovak only) are on the Slovak Government website

Other important previous measures also remain in force:

  • Facemasks must be worn outdoors in all built-up areas, such as towns and villages. The wearing of facemasks remains compulsory indoors, including on public transport and in shops. Masks are not required in the countryside if you are with others from the same household or can maintain a five-metre distance
  • Local public transport is running, but face masks are compulsory
  • Restaurants, bars and cafés may only operate a takeaway service
  • The number of people in shops is restricted and temperature checks may be carried out at the entrances. You must maintain a two metre distance when queuing. Supermarkets and chemists have reserved shopping hours between 9am and 11am for those over 65

For more information check the Slovak government website in English and the Slovak Public Health Authority (in Slovak only). The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) also has information in English. You should also monitor developments on local English language media such as Radio Slovakia International and The Slovak Spectator.