Wide-ranging Outlook 2020 report uncovers the issues facing investors and occupiers

From retail survival and sustainability investment through to the impact of automation and major political and economic change, Cushman & Wakefield’s new EMEA insight report explores the major themes the commercial real estate industry needs front of mind next year.

The Outlook 2020 report contains 11 chapters examining the major challenges and opportunities confronting the commercial real estate industry across the region.

Colin Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, EMEA, at Cushman & Wakefield, said: “Real estate isn’t immune to external factors, but it is the driver of its own destiny in many ways. It is as important to understand what demographics mean for the future of real estate and how a changing society fundamentally challenges the status quo as it is to understand absorption or yields.”

Key themes in the report include:

  • Service isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity that all investors in all sectors are having to rethink.
  • Pay lip service to sustainability at your peril. Investors that don’t act risk impacting value.
  • Formats will continue to shift as retailers demand more from investors.
  • Living formats will evolve with an increasing demand for inclusive, carefully curated communities where retirement and starters live side by side.

…and others.