Economy Ministry First State Secretary Dr Jan Oravec explains government strategy to support businesses and reignite the economy beyond coronavirus

Britcham Press release

On 28 May, the British Chamber of Commerce invited Economy Ministry First State Secretary Dr Jan Oravec to explain his government measures to support businesses and reignite the Slovak economy beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

In Dr Oravec‘s first webinar to businesses since taking office in the new government, he spoke to Britcham members, including Tesco, Jaguar LandRover, Bratislava Airport, Shell, HB Reavis just to mention a few to outline the government’s actions so far, including 230 million euros in financial support to 750,000 recipients; and the option of delayed payments. He also set out plans to improve competitiveness through the British model of a one-in-two-out policy for new regulations; and to create platforms for industry, trade and services to feed their ideas and proposals into government policy.

Businesses from the Chamber raised the Sunday Trading ban, green recovery ideas, smart cities, the need for businesses to move personel across international borders and the importance of being prepared for the end of the Brexit Transition Period in December 2020.

Speaking to the British Chamber, Dr Oravec said, „We will be a government that reduces bureaucracy for small and medium sized businesses and allows businesses to shape the way we build our economy“.

Executive Director of the British Chamber, Hajnalka Hayler said, „Slovakia is rightly praised around the world for its leadership in controlling the coronavirus. Nevertheless, businesses are facing an unprecedented fight for survival and collaboration between governement and businesses to rebuild the economy has never been so important as now“.