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Searching for employees is not easy at all in these days. Particularly, when it comes to specific positions that people often have no experience with. But how the right person is found then? We were thinking for longer time until we remembered our member – recruitment agency Synergie . We turned to them immediately with this demand for an employee. They reacted promptly and suggested a meeting in person.

We arranged this meeting where they helped us to list exact requirements through well goal-oriented questions. We determined a priority for each given positon, what the selected candidat should have met and on contrary what would have pleased us, if he or she had extra. We were very happy to be quickly presented two very good candidates who met our requirements. We really had a problem to decide as both candidates were suitable and met all our criteria. If we had been filling two vacancies, we would have taken them both.

We sensed professional approach, order care and search for a customized solution from the beginning. They adhered to all the agreed terms. We recommend cooperation with Synergie Slovakia.

We were attracted by executive search service too (, which we are going to use in future. We were offered to address employees at the same positions directly and finding the best candidate. This service is used for top-position search and job occupancy is guaranteed.

We kindly thank to Synergie team for excellent cooperation.