As an intercultural coach and consultant I work with leaders, managers and employees of international companies. Those companies which realize the importance of cross-cultural communication and challenges of multicultural teams, usually arrange cross-cultural coaching for their leaders, managers and employees as soon as they arrive in a new culture.

The others ask me to conduct an intercultural training or coaching when they already deal with barriers in communication in their teams working on international projects. In history we know many examples of failures when companies didn’t manage challenges of cross-cultural differences at the level of their management and team work. One of such examples was the merger of Daimler and Chrysler.

When people from different cultures meet, there are several questions related to the way how they should introduce themselves, how to arrange their first meeting, how much time should be devoted to “small talk” or how to agree on a final agreement. Businessmen usually pay a lot of attention to their product’s introduction, technical details but very often they miss a crucial fact that their partner originates from a different business culture.

Therefore, let me ask you what is culture? What role does culture play in business?

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Eva Gáboríková has been a coach and a consultant of cross-cultural business communication and management since 2001. She has been conducting group trainings for companies, consulting and coaching executive managers and facilitating multicultural teams.

In the year 2016 she was awarded with GREAT Award in the competition with trainers located in Asia, Europe and the United States of America by one of the biggest international companies providing intercultural trainings all over the world.