PRESS RELEASE – Judr. Julius Brichta, President of Malteser Aid Slovakia

Malteser Aid Slovakia, the official relief organisation of the Order of Malta in the Slovak Republic, launches a fundraiser in support of Ukrainian refugees and people impacted by the war

Auxiliary corps of Malteser Aid Slovakia were one of the first organisations onsite to help refugees at the Slovak-Ukrainian Vyšné Nemecké boarder crossing. Since Saturday morning, we have been manning our stations 24/7. Currently, we are acting as the coordinator between volunteer drivers, people offering their homes, and the refugees with the goal of providing everyone in need with free transportation and housing. On March 1st over 500 people, mostly mothers and their children, used our services to find a place to stay. We also provide refreshments, food and other material aid once they cross. Our sister organization from Ukraine is on the other side of the border alongside Malteser International, where they also help distribute food, water, hygiene products, and medical attention.

All donations which we collect will help refugees who flee to Slovakia, as well as those still in Ukraine.
You can donate to the transparent bank account.

IBAN: SK56 0900 0000 0051 8792 2648

The fundraiser is officially registered with the Slovak Ministry of Interior:

Zbierka Maltezska pomoc Ukrajine