SmartHead to represent sustainable innovations at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

After last year’s postponement, EXPO 2020 officially began on October 1st. This time, in exotic Dubai. With its solution – the digital Sustainability Profile – SmartHead will represent innovations in the field of digitisation of corporate sustainability. The company’s SaaS product fits perfectly into the main motto of EXPO Dubai – “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

In the spirit of the idea of the exhibition, three sub-themes were created: “Opportunity”, “Mobility”, and “Sustainability” – into which the EXPO is divided. SmartHead will be presented in two basic thematic areas – “Biodiversity and Climate” and “Global Goals” – respectively the connection of solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals, introduced by the UN in 2015. SmartHead’s SaaS product, the digital Sustainability Profile, brings a solution for both the private and public sector through optimisation of a company’s performance (SMEs, Large companies) through effective measuring, reporting, and transparently communicating sustainability results.

All a company’s sustainability data: activities, impacts, ESG metrics, SDGs, commitments, vision, reports, certificates, and press releases can be found in one place – with detailed analytics and reports to track and prove progress to stakeholders and the general public. SmartHead’s solution has so far earned the trust of multinational companies such as Tesco, Dell Technologies, McDonald’s, Citi, IBM, BMW, Oriflame, EY, Accace, and more.

The company will be represented at EXPO 2020 by the CEO, Veri Osvald. She will present the platform’s development along with functionalities and upcoming innovations in the form of artificial intelligence implementation, which will automatically suggest activities and metrics to companies that best suit their size, industry, user base, and needs. Veronika will also present SmartHead solution using the digital Sustainability Profiles of existing SmartHead clients, with a focus on reaching new clients and partners and with the aim of further expansion of the company to overseas markets.

The overall attendance of the event is estimated to be approximately 25 million all from around the world, with more than 192 countries presenting their innovations. EXPO 2020 will run from October 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022.

Official SmartHead presentation video for EXPO 2020 in Dubai:

SmartHead is currently open to new, potential investors through the Crowdberry investment platform. More information about the investment opportunity can be found here: