There are nationwide restrictions on movement outside the home. The measures and restrictions in a given district may change according to the local epidemiological situation, as set out in a framework announced by the Slovak government known as the ‘Covid Automat’. Details can be found on the Slovak government website (in Slovak only).

The Slovak government has introduced further restrictions on mobility, which will come into force from 3 March.

The 20-hour daily curfew is divided into two separate phases lasting from 5am to 8pm and from 8pm to 1am the following day. Between 5am and 8pm you may only leave home for certain permitted reasons. From 8pm until 1am exemptions are reduced further and you may only leave home for certain essential purposes including travel to work, to hospital or a pharmacy, or to walk a pet. For a list of permitted activities and exemptions, some of which may require a recent negative Covid test, see the local English language media. The Slovak Spectator. The new measures are also explained in full (in Slovak only) on the Slovak Public Health Authority website.

People who test positive for Covid-19 can no longer go into shops, and may only leave home to visit a doctor or a pharmacy.

Travelling between districts in order to take exercise in the countryside is no longer permitted. However, inhabitants of Bratislava may travel within the Bratislava region, and inhabitants of Kosice may travel within the Kosice “okolie” districts.

The authorities may stop you on main roads, at district borders and in public spaces to check whether your travel is essential.

From 8 March, FFP2 standard facemasks, or higher, will be obligatory in all shops and on public transport. From 15 March FFP2 standard facemasks, or higher, will be obligatory in all indoor areas, apart from at home.

For more information check the Slovak Public Health Authority (in Slovak only). The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) also has information in English. You should also monitor developments on local English language media such as Radio Slovakia International and The Slovak Spectator.

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