Come with us to the cinema, which will smell of chocolate, fun and a light of hope.

The movie Wonka is a brand new, family adaptation of the story that you may know from the famous British author Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the movie starring Johnny Depp.

Although the world premiere of the film Wonka, a great chocolate adventure combined with music and experiences from Warner Bros. production, will not be in cinemas until December 15, thanks to the cooperation with Continental Film we have a special offer for you.

We invite you to the Christmas charity cinema and a special pre-premiere of the film Wonka on 13 December 2023 at CINEMAX, Bory Mall Bratislava.

What awaits you in the ticket price? You will not only get a ticket to a special pre-premiere of the film Wonka, popcorn, a drink of your choice, fun activities for children and adults, a ticket to an interesting raffle, and at the end refreshments and a gift, but in addition, you will also support the Piešťan organization APPA – Association for Helping the Disabled with the proceeds from the entrance fee. You can read the story of the young “warrior”, whom we will help together, on our website.

Buy a ticket for yourself, your loved ones or invite your business partners or buy a ticket and reward your employees – all this in a wonderful chocolate-Christmas atmosphere that we can experience together and also help. You can buy tickets here

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Allen & Overy, The British International School Bratislava, TESCO STORES and partners Partyland, Indalo Farma, ASO VENDING, T.O.P. AUTO PREMIUM, TEAM UP, Continental Film, Mary Kay and Panta Rhei.

Help us to help Nicolas.

We decided to dedicate the proceeds from the charity Christmas cinema to the young fighter Nicolas from Bratislava.

“I was born as a healthy child, but during a routine check-up at the pediatrician, I was diagnosed with MENTAL MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY at 3 months. It is a disease in which the muscles die because my body does not produce dystrophin.

I have been confined to a wheelchair since I was 6 years old. As time went by, my illness started to manifest itself more, in that I began to weaken very quickly, as a result of which I could not handle a mechanical wheelchair and my parents had to get me an electric wheelchair in order to be able to function fully. By this time, I had undergone a very difficult back surgery and other procedures. I have a cough assistant because I don’t have the strength to cough up mucus from my lungs. In January 2023, the left part of my lung was filled with water, I ended up in emergency for 3 weeks. There I was born a second time, as my body was leaving, but the nurses and doctors put me in order. Since then, I have had a tracheostomy inserted in my neck and a device breathes for me. My parents taught me to breathe on my own again and I only use the device at night. Also, the doctors in the cardiovascular department had to implant a defibrillator in my heart because it was only beating at 20%.”

“My body is starting to weaken even more over time, while I am still rehabilitating and trying to move on. At the moment, I can’t feed myself or do any activity without the help of others. I take a lot of supplements, but there is no cure for this disease.I really like being in a team and with friends, I like to swim, I go for walks a lot. “

“My life is on an electric wheelchair that is my legs. As my health condition worsened and my body became very weak after January, my parents had to start dealing with the special adaptation of my wheelchair. However, these accessories are financially demanding, so I would like to ask you very kindly for financial help in modifying my stroller”.