Brexit is looming around the corner as UK is set to leave the EU on 31 October 2019, whatever the circumstances.

Therefore the British Embassy created this handy guide for organisations and companies, so they could encourage UK nationals living and working in Slovakia to check the Living in Slovakia guide as a source of information and key actions to take in order to maintain their status as a result of Brexit.

The ‘Get ready’ campaign is a UK Government campaign to inform UK nationals living in the EU about how to prepare for Brexit, including the steps they need to take. Specifically it will:

  • inform them that Brexit will impact them;
  • encourage them to visit the Living in Guide and take action to maintain access to rights and services after Brexit;

The two main actions UK nationals living in Slovakia need to take are: register for residency if not already done so; and check passport validity.

Get the full picture and download all the information about the campaign from the link below: