In many cultures “small talk” is perceived as the first step to establish a successful and longlasting cooperation. „Small talk“, „lo small talk“, „le small talk“ or „светская беседа“ creates space for breaking ice and building an initial relationship. In some cultures “small talk” skills belong to a basic equipment of a manager. However, there are also cultures which view “small talk” as a waste of time. In their understanding a brief question “How are you?” is enough.

As an intercultural consultant I meet experts who are well-known in the whole world. They have no difficulties to deliver presentations at international conferences, face challenges of crucial IT or economic projects in several countries. However, when they are invited for a business lunch or a coffee to have “small talk” with their business partners or colleagues they are afraid to participate.

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Eva Gáboríková has been a coach and a consultant of cross-cultural business communication and management since 2001. She has been conducting group trainings for companies, consulting and coaching executive managers and facilitating multicultural teams.

In the year 2016 she was awarded with GREAT Award in the competition with trainers located in Asia, Europe and the United States of America by one of the biggest international companies providing intercultural trainings all over the world.